Friday, 5 August 2016

People see the boldness in you

Acts 4:13
World English Bible (WEB)

13 Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and had perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled. They recognized that they had been with Jesus.

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Jesus and the Tabernacle

2 Corinthians 3:18
World English Bible (WEB)

18 But we all, with unveiled face seeing the glory of the Lord as in a mirror, are transformed into the same image from glory to glory, even as from the Lord, the Spirit.

God always dwell among people

  • God came down in the cool of the evening – Adam and Eve
  • In the Tabernacle
  • In the Wilderness – “In all their afflictions they were affiliation ”
    • During travelling, God was travelling ( as mercy seed )
    • God lived in the temple of Solomon ( when they were living in House )
  • When Israel camped ( God was also in the Tabernacle camped)
  • When Israel is in Fight mode ( God as Captain with the drawn sward )
  • God send Jesus to Live among people
  • God send the Holy Spirit inside us.
  • Now we are the Mobile Temple of God

God keeps His temple Healthy, Strong, Young.

Exodus 26:26-29
World English Bible (WEB)

26 “You shall make bars of acacia wood: five for the boards of the one side of the tabernacle, 27 and five bars for the boards of the other side of the tabernacle, and five bars for the boards of the side of the tabernacle, for the far part westward.28 The middle bar in the middle of the boards shall pass through from end to end.29 You shall overlay the boards with gold, and make their rings of gold for places for the bars: and you shall overlay the bars with gold.


  • “Trees clap with hands” – Isaiah 55:12
    • Worship Mode
  • “He is like the tree planted by the rivers of water” – Psalms 1
    • Worship

Wood and Gold

Picture of Tabernacle

  • Wood speaks of Humanity ( Cheap )
  • Gold speaks of Righteousness
  • Silver means redemption ( Costly )
    • Israelites paid to the temple.
  • Two Legs : Death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ

2 Corinthians 5:21
World English Bible (WEB)

21 For him who knew no sin he made to be sin on our behalf; so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

2 Corinthians 3:3
World English Bible (WEB)

being revealed that you are a letter of Christ, served by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tablets of stone, but in tablets that are hearts of flesh.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Faith Language

Young’s Literal Translation’s Preface 

The Hebrew Language has no Future Tense


  1. That the Hebrews were in the habit of using the past tense to express the certainty of an action taking place, even though the action might not really be performed for some time.
  2. That the Hebrews, in referring to events which might be either past or future, were accustomed to act on the principle of transferring themselves mentally to the period and place of the events themselves, and were not content with coldly viewing them as those of a bygone or still coming time; hence the very frequent use of the present tense.


Mark 11:24
World English Bible (WEB)

24 Therefore I tell you, all things whatever you pray and ask for, believe that you have received them, and you shall have them.

Mark 4:25
World English Bible (WEB)

25 For whoever has, to him will more be given, and he who doesn’t have, even that which he has will be taken away from him.”

Note: Possess your position/possession, then anointing will flow.

Do you have the blessing? 

  • Yes! More is coming your way.


  • No! Even what you have will be taken away

Ephesians 1:3
World English Bible (WEB)

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every(Pas: Every Kind) spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ;

  • Every Blessing from God Spirit ( it is the Source from where the blessings come from)

Romans 4:17
World English Bible (WEB)

17 As it is written, “I have made you a father of many nations.” This is in the presence of him whom he believed: God, who gives life to the dead, and calls the things that are not, as though they were.

Holy Communion

Leviticus 7:15
World English Bible (WEB)

15 The flesh of the sacrifice of his peace offerings for thanksgiving shall be eaten on the day of his offering. He shall not leave any of it until the morning.

  • Peace offering : Only offering among the 5 offering where the offerer get’s to eat.
    • Thanks Giving
  • eat on the same day
    • Next day is no more fresh
  • Take Holy Communion as if Jesus was smitten in front of you and eat Bread/Body on the same day

All Past Tense

Genesis 17:4-5
World English Bible (WEB)

“As for me, behold, my covenant is with you. You will be the father of a multitude of nations. Your name will no more be called Abram, but your name will be Abraham; for I have made you the father of a multitude of nations.

Genesis 17:4-5
Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

`I — lo, My covenant [is] with thee, and thou hast become father of a multitude of nations;

and thy name is no more called Abram, but thy name hath been Abraham, for father of a multitude of nations have I made thee;

Gideon afraid hiding from Enemies

Judges 6:12
Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

12 and the messenger of Jehovah appeareth unto him, and saith unto him, `Jehovah [is] with thee, O mighty one of valour.’

God saw David as King

  • Other’s saw a King

Deuteronomy 7:14-15
Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

14 `Blessed art thou above all the peoples, there is not in thee a barren man or a barren woman — nor among your cattle;

15 and Jehovah hath turned aside from thee every sickness, and none of the evil diseases of Egypt (which thou hast known) doth He put on thee, and He hath put them on all hating thee.

Proverbs 13:12
World English Bible (WEB)

12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
    but when longing is fulfilled, it is a tree of life.

2 Kings 5:6
Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

And he bringeth in the letter unto the king of Israel, saying, `And now, at the coming in of this letter unto thee, lo, I have sent unto thee Naaman my servant, and thou hast recovered him from his leprosy.’

Genesis 9:12-15
Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

12 And God saith, `This is a token of the covenant which I am giving between Me and you, and every living creature that [is] with you, to generations age-during;

13 My bow I have given in the cloud, and it hath been for a token of a covenant between Me and the earth;

14 and it hath come to pass (in My sending a cloud over the earth) that the bow hath been seen in the cloud,

15 and I have remembered My covenant which is between Me and you, and every living creature among all flesh, and the waters become no more a deluge to destroy all flesh;

Joel 3:10
World English Bible (WEB)

10     Beat your plowshares into swords,
    and your pruning hooks into spears.
    Let the weak say, ‘I am strong.’

Isaiah 33:24
World English Bible (WEB)

24 The inhabitant won’t say, “I am sick.”
    The people who dwell therein will be forgiven their iniquity.

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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Number your days

Make Each day count

Psalm 90:12
World English Bible (WEB)

12 So teach us to number our days,
    that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Make each day count. How?

Psalm 90:14
World English Bible (WEB)

14 Satisfy us in the morning with your loving kindness(Grace/Jesus),
    that we may rejoice and be glad ALL our days.


Proverbs 3:1-2
World English Bible (WEB)

My son, don’t forget my teaching;
    but let your heart keep my commandments:
for length of days, and years of life,
    and peace, will they add to you.

  • Doing many things in a single day
  • Years full of LIFE
  • Peace all your Years

Psalm 84:10
World English Bible (WEB)

10 For a day in your courts is better than a thousand.
    I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God,
    than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.

Be willing to receive Jesus in each situation

John 6:16-21
World English Bible (WEB)

16 When evening came, his disciples went down to the sea, 17 and they entered into the boat, and were going over the sea to Capernaum. It was now dark, and Jesus had not come to them. 18 The sea was tossed by a great wind blowing. 19 When therefore they had rowed ( SPEAKS OF HUMAN EFFORT) about twenty-five or thirty stadia,  they saw Jesus walking on the sea, and drawing near to the boat; and they were afraid. 20 But he said to them, “It is I. Don’t be afraid.” 21 They were willing therefore to receive him into the boat. Immediately the boat was at the land where they were going.

  • Immediately the Boat reached the destination.

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Israelites bosting in Hebrew

Exodus 19:8
World English Bible (WEB)

All the people answered together, and said, “All that Yahweh has spoken we will do.”

Moses reported the words of the people to Yahweh.

kōl כֹּ֛ל All Noun
’ă-šer- אֲשֶׁר־ that Prt
dib-ber דִּבֶּ֥ר has spoken Verb
Yah-weh / Adonai יְהוָ֖ה the LORD Noun
na-‘ă-śeh; נַעֲשֶׂ֑ה we will do Verb

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

“Sin” in the Book of Romans

  • 47 times “sin” is a noun
  • 1 time “sin” is a verb

Romans 6:14
World English Bible (WEB)

14 For sin will not have dominion over you. For you are not under law, but under grace.

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Jesus came to Minister

Relationship with God

  • If Jesus comes to your house, He doesn’t come for you to give Him
    • He comes for you to take.

Matthew 20:28
World English Bible (WEB)

28 even as the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

  • Luke 14 – Give Jesus out of pride, Give Jesus to show off
  • Luke 15 – Jesus loves when people take from Him
  • It’s best to take than to give ( we can’t give anything anyway ).
  • Taking is humble

Human to Human relationship

  • This is not for Godly relationship

Acts 20:35
World English Bible (WEB)

35 In all things I gave you an example, that so laboring you ought to help the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

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